A Working group has been set up to collect genetic resources of Georgian plants

A Working group has been set up to provide information on the condition of conservation of the genetic resources of cultivated plants, their conservation, management, efficient use and about genetic resources. The group will bring together various government agencies, associations and the private sector where the genetic resources of cultivated plants are currently stored.

The second working meeting on plant genetic resources was held at the Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture, organized by the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Institute of Botany, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Association of Organic Farms - ,,Elkana’’, the meeting was also attended by the representatives of the Seed Material and Nursery Association and the Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture attended. At the meeting, the parties discussed national and international legislation on plant genetic resources, the current condition and prospects of plant genetic resource collections, local and international databases, the role of international organizations in the field of plant genetic resources and their activities.

It should be noted that the genetic material of Georgian plants is stored in various government agencies, non-governmental organizations and private companies, as well as gene banks in different countries. At present, there is no unified central database and body in the field of genetic resources that will coordinate and assist existing organizations working on genetic resources.