Under ENPARD IV, both mandatory indicators for seed and planting material certification are fulfilled

Nodar Khatiashvili, Deputy Director of the Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture, and the Certification Division discussed the results of the measures taken to introduce the certification of seeds and planting material in Georgia at a working meeting with representatives of the ENPARD program.

The Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture, within the framework of ENPARD IV, has fulfilled both mandatory indicators in the field of certification of seeds and planting material. In order to ensure the quality of planting material, 7 nurseries currently produce planting and propagating material of CAC category (Conformitas Agraria Comunitatis) in accordance with the 2014/98 / UECAC Directive. In order to increase food security, in 2021, the use of certified seeds for wheat production nationwide will increase by 30% compared to the 2019 benchmark.

Seed and Planting Material Certification is part of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU and gives Georgian producers access to international markets.

The process of introducing the certification system of seed material in Georgia has been carried out by the Scientific-Research Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture since 2015, to which the certification of planting material was added in 2017.

From June 1, 2017, the certification process will be regulated by the Law of Georgia ,,On Permission for Distribution of Agricultural Plant Species subject to Mandatory Certification and on seed Production’’, which aims to establish uniform principles of state regulation in the field of protection of seeds and planting material and to ensure quality marketing. The law regulates issues related to the registration of agricultural varieties, production of seeds and planting material, processing, certification, storage, sale, traceability and local and imported seeds and planting material.